Beneath the senses of intuition and instinct, lies a definite science of vibration. We have all experienced an instant reaction (or "chemistry"), whether good or bad, with certain individuals. Similarly, many of us will have felt either uncomfortable or particularly at home in certain locations. These feelings are caused by a harmony or disharmony with our innate vibrational signature. Much like notes on a musical instrument, two notes played together may create a pleasant sound or, depending on the musical interval, a dissonant clash.

Our modern world, for all its comforts and conveniences, has dulled our natural sensitivity to these vibrations. Most of us can no longer discern the presence of any but the most forceful. Yet, they are all around us. And they affect the harmony, tranquility and success which we experience in our lives. For example, many people would be spared a great deal of stress and turmoil if they selected (or vetted) their prospective partners on the basis of a natural harmonic suitability. Without an essential resonance, the superficial attractions will quickly fade and the relationship will eventually collapse as the innate disharmony becomes more and more apparent to both parties. In the same manner (albeit with lesser emotional impact), most of us will have experienced lusting after a certain material possession - a car, a house, expensive clothes or jewellery, etc., only to find that, once acquired, the satisfaction was very short-lived. Soon after making the purchase, all enthusiasm seems to evaporate. In contrast, some purchases leave one with a continued pleasure and satisfaction for years to come. This difference is caused by the natural resonance of the purchaser with the vibration of the item purchased. When this resonance is absent, one is left with a flat, uncertain feeling - the nagging suspicion that the purchase was a "mistake".

Every person, place, object, and substance emits a signature vibration. If we bring into our environment (or body) those with which we hold a natural resonance, then we can lay the foundations for greater harmony and wellbeing. If we bring into our environment (or body) those with which which we hold a natural dissonance, then we can expect the opposite result. Success, health and general wellbeing are manifestations of harmonious energy flow relative to the individual. Thus, by guiding our choices in accordance with the principles of subtle harmonic vibration, we can allow this energy to flow with greater abundance.

Using proprietary methods and instruments, the Harmonic Consultation Agency can measure the vibrational signature of a client and then test it against objects, people, places, or substances of interest. We will then report back, detailing those test items with which the client has natural resonance and those with which the client does not. When we detect resonance with more than one test item, we will indicate the order of relative harmonic strength.

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